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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Frogs are singing today.

     Not sure if it's the warm weather we are getting and the frogs have been tricked, or they know something we don't. Hummingbird visit yesterday, some strawberries are putting out blossoms. Weeding the garlic, kale, and Dandelions ( our favoured winter green) in the warm rain all day. Lots of work to do in the expanding Nursery.
      Refugees welcome, no visa necessary, we will need about 100,000, as most Canadians thumbs are green from texting, not Gardening. And if we are to reach our goal, BC FEEDS BC IN 7 YEARS, we will need more land and lots of refugees.  
     More young people are getting green thumbs because of a keen interest in growing their own food, but all our presents 'systems' could collapse at any time, as they must.  If our present 'rip and tear' monetary system and top down government does not implode on its own, lots of Green Thumbs will make sure that it does. Thumbs Up. Only 14 More Non Shopping Days Till Xmas.

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