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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Food Banks getting less donations

     The numbers of people showing up at food banks is increasing, not fast but steady.  The donations coming are going down, not fast but steady, 18% this past year for one large food bank. Can you see the crisis coming? 
     This is one good reason to start lots of gardens close to city centres, being able to eat well, certainly helps prevent crime, gardens are nicer than lawns and you can even grow food for people to steal, plan your garden, grow extra or invite someone close by to use your yard for a garden. This can not only directly benefit the food bank with fresh garden crops, but set up the food banks with the facilities to process foods and offeri skills learning while supplying the food bank. As you develop into a self sustaining food bank, operated and run by its clients, there will be a large number of jobs and skills required, and the people who grow things will not need to get those things from the food bank.  
    The cost outlay to start a garden is nothing, if a gardener had only a strong stick, as the stick moved the garden would grow larger year after year with relative ease. Gardeners often have extra seed, especially if they grow their own, and most like to give seed away.
    Every garden should grow seed, lots of diversification, plants have better chance of survival for the long term. There are jobs here, and new discoveries to be make. 

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