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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flying Gladiators Slowing Down.

     That's right, the Russian Flying  Hockey teams are folding. We expect to see a big decrease in all flying Gladiator Sports in 2015. Their audiences are losing interest in Corporate Financed Games. Without large numbers of viewers, advertisers pull out, and Humpty Dumpty falls to the Ground, never to fly again. Flying thousands of jets every day  to transport entertainment all over the world is not sustainable. Flying Sports Bums is consuming pipelines of fuel, adding more environmental damage, part of the general waste of energy resources for fun. There is a lot of waste for fun promoted by corporations peddling their products.  Car and Motorbike Racing, Motorboat, Snowmobile, helicopter skiing, all hyped up and promoted for financial gain. Nuts. Nuts making more Nuts and turning the whole place into a nut house.
     Well Gardeners are good at breaking up nuts, and if we are going to have a nut house, it should be sustainable and edible. Watch out for falling nuts in 2015.
    Only 2 days to World Buy Nothing Days, Dec. 21st and 22nd, and Only 6 More Non-Shopping Days Before Xmas.  Hang in there, even the poor can handle these special occasions.

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