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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Create Your Own Job.

     This will describe an example. Sitting in a kitchen while residents were cooking, with the vegetable scraps being dumped in a garbage can was just not fitting with the talk of a better world.  Instead of telling people what they should do, we volunteered to take the kitchen wastes for compost. There was no garden space, property was half covered with rocks, boulders, clay and dumped branches. We created instant gardens in large planter pots to deal with the compost. For the instant gardens we raked up the ground to fill the pots about 25%, added raw food waste another 1/4, filled to the top with any dirt and organic materials that were available, and planted garlic. Of course we were making three or four a day and just ran them all over the boulder pile. This started a opportunity to start a nursery. We started taking care of neglected fruit trees for other people, got grape and fig cuttings which we started in the pots with the garlic. We had about 800 pots planted with all sorts of things last spring, about 400 pots went out to start other gardens. Our gardens have increased or doubled every year, and is doubling again. 
     This project was started to deal with the waste in one kitchen, then to generate food for that kitchen, 150 lbs potatoes on the third year, but if cash was needed we could have marketed the pots and food for several thousands of that evil money, 
     So continue to look for work, but gardening is a nice occupation, and there are many jobs that evolve from growing gardens, besides the pleasure of eating a few raspberries on your way to pick fresh peas.

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