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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cancel One Zoning Law.

     There is a Law made up by the Real Estate Board, developers, land speculators, Chamber of Commerce and pasted as Law by Coin Operated Politicians that limits the number of unrelated people that can occupy a piece of Property.  That is ridiculous, all people are related. Just back track anybodies family tree twig, branch, trunk to our common root.  So since the law that states you can have as many related people in your house as you please, all Syrian Refugees are your relatives. When your relatives need a place to live till they get a place of their own, you are now free to ignore stupid zoning laws made for exploiters and take in a single refugee, or a Family, or a whole refugee camp. So what's the hold up? The Money Elected Canadian Government? Things have to change, millions of ignored hungry refugees need help now.
     Harper's Canadian Government is quick to label people terrorists and build prisons, but does nothing to prevent the reasons displaced, oppressed, abused  people will eventually demand a life. We have to deal fairly with the causes, or expect more of the same. Open your doors, take in Refugees.

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