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Monday, December 22, 2014


      That is the Goal of occupationappletree , to be accomplished by Dec 21, 2022, a made in BC Xmas Dinner, for everybody in BC. We are quite sure if all those people on their knees were in the garden instead church they could answer their own prayers. 
     We are getting access to more land, by word of mouth over the backyard fence. We have not used up the spaces we are working on, there are spaces available to us from BC to Quebec. We have not even seen all the spaces offered. Some are in difficult areas for us to get to right now, Bella Coola, Reid Island, St Lawrence River, Quebec, even in Vancouver.  We have access to 150 acre farm near Quesnal BC. This place could become a large Nursery to supply the northern part of the Province with seeds and plants. It could also be involved plant research, a bee keeping school, a place to teach canning and drying.  Community. We will looking at it when the frost is out of the ground next Spring. 
      We have a very simple agreement with the land we caretake. The title holder can ask us to leave at any time. We look over the land, soil, water and make a plan, if agreed, we start as soon as we get what we need ready.
      We have a small, but doubling in size every year, nursery.. Planted 130 Thompson  Seedless Cuttings in planter pots today.   We also have 200 vines, one and two year old, and about 80 other cuttings planted. We hope to be planting all of them next winter in the ground. 
     When we get a new piece of land offered, we give first  attention to what is already on the land, . And progress without stress. Make a long term plan of development of what we think will serve best the land, resident(s), local needs, and then, let evolution take place.

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