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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Average debt : $21,000.

     Excluding mortgages, the average Canadian is stuck, spinning their tires, in 21,000 Buckets of muck, can't stop, and can't get any traction, perfect slaves.  But the New Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party is opposed to all forms of forced work, even if people volunteer to be slaves, we are opposed. We are not opposed to people smartening up, waste waste waste, junk junk junk. However we know it is not really fair to blame people for this mess. Billions of dollars (people's debt) spent on leading and encouraging people into debt, convincing to buy now, pay later. The normal behaviour of Canadians in 1960 was never to borrow, going into debt was dealing with the devil. People got sucked in by the tinsel and glitter and subliminal commandeering.
      The Garden Party has offered a one time only, to forgive all debt. That effectively cancels all debt within Canadian borders. Now borrowing from the future is against the law. New World Order. Self Imposed. Anyone who continues to pay will suffer the consequences, spinning tires till they run out of gas.
     Self Government is spreading in Canada, opposition not detectable. Pruned one third of a big apple tree today, along with other government business, composts etc. Might haul horse manure tomorrow. Workers welcome, no pay check slaves please.

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  1. these guys can only manage it once a year! :-)