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Sunday, December 21, 2014

As you believe

     As you believe, So it shall be, some body said those words before. Well, just because one believes, does not make something true or false. Example; if you believe the world will one day be perfect, that is only possible if you recognize you are perfect. Just like every frog, even if it has three legs, that is what it has, it will do according to its ability, to survive. To the frog, perfection or desire to be other than it is, has no place in it's brain. Perfect. (Not an absolute). Can you imagine a frog in the swamp sitting there looking at its three legs thinking 'if only I had four legs I could jump farther'. It is a rare to see a frog thinking to itself about anything, they are however, always aware of Bigfoot.
     Getting back to 'believe', we know belief is not knowing. If one knows then one no longer believes. If one believes we are doing OK, that things will get better, that they do not have to give up anything they do, I am just one person, how much difference will it make if I waste, instead of getting organized, and doing the right thing. The collective is full of single persons, together we make the scene.                                                                                                                                            So the Garden Party 'believes' in zero waste. The landfills get at least a boost of 130 million lbs, in Canada for Xmas. That is our own estimates, but it may be much more. So the Garden Party is taking strong action to eliminate waste, by, if necessary, bankrupting industries involved with garbage production. One of the biggest is the food industry. And seeing money is their driving force, they will have a hard time to compete with our prices. We meet costs where we still use money, the rest does not require, scales, receipts, book keepers, IOU, time keepers, central authority, or cash registers, that means we have a smaller environmental footprint . Yes we still buy some things, and pay for this technology, but we can function without modern communication technology,  We are keeping all our processes able to function by our skills and by equipment that can be made to work without imported energy. We do not use any chemical herbicides or pesticides We know non of this is a big deal, but we like four legged frogs.  We also know if you give to much power, or your life depends on the food and drug distributors, they can take over what you get to eat. It is part of losing one's autonomy. Not that the Garden Party is the least bit concerned.
     We expect to be rooted in France next Spring. We did not have to discuss anything with the  French Elected Government, EU, UN, or the Canadian Illegal Government. The Garden Party is devouring Vegetables and pulling some old weeds that should have been pulled 60 years ago.
     Two Tons of horse manure got moved into the garden today, 

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