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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adopt a Fruit Tree.

   This is a new prong on our pitch fork driving forward. We are now ready to facilitate anyone in the 13 municipalities of South Vancouver Island to take on one fruit tree, or an orchard. Find a tree, no matter it's condition or location, that is accessible and we will come in Free of Charge, with necessary tools, and help anyone to get started, provide information and possibly tools for tree care, processing, as well as marketing for those that need extra cash. This job can be done for personal use or even turned into a full time occupation. It has also development possibilities that will create satisfying jobs and increase local food supplies. It is a win win action, requires practically no money outlays to get started and is healthy beneficial exercise, especially for overweight people in more ways than one. We are ready to go and will travel to other parts of Vancouver Island, and will be in Port Alberni in early Jan. BC FEEDS BC PEARS, IN SEVEN YEARS. 

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