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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Abattoirs Development BC.

    Occupation Apple Tree is now moving into sheep. Our goal is to set up abattoirs all over BC, about 130. The minimum work force per set up will be three, the goal is to take care of local meat producers needs, supply the local market, and ship excess where needed. Included with the each abattoir will be a trained knowledgeable meat cutter that knows also about animal raising so every grower is brought up to speed on best practices for best quality of meat products and best environmental practices.  We are looking for 10 ewes which will start our process to develop sustainable local 'organic' meats. The first herd will be starting on a coastal Island in a few weeks, discussions have been also started in Port Alberni, and we may also start the work to establish a 'farm to the plate' operation in Quesnal BC. There are fences to be fixed, and ewes to be purchased or donated. The operation will be in part be funded by the Garden Party with the idea of using one to set up more. The young meat cutters in training are going to operate the farm, cut the meat, and do what marketing is required. It is going to filmed, the entire process for other communities so they can do it also, it will evolve, it is the real New World Order, moving in to replace the Old New World Order of Corporate Capitalism, and other old institutions. We are starting with sheep and birds, but will reach into cattle and pigs by the fall 2015.
     BC FEEDS BC Sheep, IN 7 YEARS.

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