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Thursday, December 18, 2014

600 million greeting cards.

     If we care about our living planet, gave thought to each little item we buy, think of the resource it derives from, the process to get and convert the raw materials to produce the item, the energy expended and the process to get the energy, the time spent by slaves in manufacturing, the toxins created by all these activities, packaging, sales slips, jobs jobs jobs. And what is the real value? What is the real cost? A table spoon of tree pulp multiplied 600 million times just for the greeting cards per year in Canada.  Add on 4 lbs of other things we make into garbage and we have 120 million lbs of waste in Canada every day.
   The Garden Party  is celebrating the Second Official Buy Nothing For Xmas Holiday. Only five more non shopping days to go. If you have shares in the Greeting Card Industry, sell now and invest in Refugees.

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