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Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Do Governments Do?

    In Canada Governments collect revenues, one source is issuing parking tickets. This requires signs and meters and maintenance crews, workshop space, ticket writers, court space and judges. So that revenue grab, employs a lot of people and aggravates others, it uses up real resources, and for all the activity does not produce the value of a carrot. 
     That is just a small example of one little dumb thing that Governments of Canada do. Tens of thousands of lives revolving around parking, taking up parking space, and not one carrot. 
     Take another example. The process of collecting taxes, all the record keeping a paper nightmare. If the numbers of people and time and resources were added up for collecting all taxes, fees, permits, payments, fines, lawyers, book keepers etc, the numbers would be astronomical. The process and infrastructure itself consumes half or more of what is collected. This implies that everything done by present governments in Canada costs at least twice as much, and takes up a lot of parking spaces where carrots could be grown.
     The Garden Party has no membership  cards or lists, we just continue to grow, without collecting taxes or issuing parking tickets. Our wireless telepathic communications system is fast, can't be hacked, is free of spam and cost nothing. What a Deal. Only works if one is properly grounded while transmitting. 

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