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Friday, November 28, 2014

Wake up call GNP

     Capitalism like Cancer requires increase to survive. The 'legal Drug Industry' is not trying to find a cure cancer, they would like to find a drug that stops cancer, but needs constant medication. That is the way of Capitalism.  
     Most Governments in Canada are pushing for increased productivity, every year.  Forests, gas and oil, ores and minerals, fish and beef, oats and potatoes, gladiators and lotteries. This ever increasing production and consumption of resources is required to keep the money coming. Never enough to catch up to debts, keeping the population enslaved.
     Take Canada for example, exports almost everything.  It has all it needs to house, cloth, and feed itself. BC used to cut down enough trees every year to build a house for every man, woman and child in the province. We have unemployed carpenters, people have been saying we have a shortage of housing for decades, we mill lots of lumber. What's the problem? Capitalism. A money system owned and operated by thieves that even own the prisons. They run so called Democracies, in Canada too. Social needs that do not make profits are basically ignored by coin operated politicians. Laws prevent the people's access of forest resources that actually are theirs. Access to land to build a house also insures years of forced labour to attain free of debt, that is unless you work for Organized Crime. Legal or illegal.
     Things Have to Change. Everybody needs a place to park without feeding organized crime. A healthy 70 year old could built a shack and plant a garden in one year of slaving. Buying into a house at 20 years old it will take 50 slave years to pay for, and you still are forced to pay taxes to one mob or another. The Garden Party finds all land priceless. Taxes and Money wasteful and easily corrupted, the future has no room for them. They are on their way to the compost of historical mistakes. That done, the resources can then be used by people for people to take care of their needs. No time like now, if not now, when? Prepare To Garden. STEAD MANITOBA FEEDS STEAD MANITOBA IN 7 YEARS.

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