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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The System has Failed

     Another young Native person died sleeping in a abandoned truck in a Canadian City.  Every City needs a place for First Nations Youth to go where they will be welcome, operated by Elders who live in town. A bowl of moose soup, place to sleep, people who care, A Good Spot, no one left hungry or cold, advise from Elders who survived. A lot have not. Death by unnatural causes in Vancouver BC of First Nations was a daily happening twenty years ago. Big changes are taking place.  Anyone wanting to set up "A Good Spot", we Gardeners will Grow the Grub, a self funding sustainable service. A Good Spot  for Every Town, Growing Food, Feeding People, Jobs, but not slavery,  Find the Spot, let's Rock. 


  1. it's not just native and it's not just young, I know you know that already but it bears repeating - it could be anyone