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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The 2015 20% Challenge.

     Just do it. To reduce fossil fuel use for manufactured goods 20%, buy 20% less. Make a conscious effort to reduce every item you buy. Just use 20% less. Wear out your cloths before you buy more. Take four showers a day if you take five now.  Shorten your dental floss by  20% or skip one day in five. If you drive, walk one day in five, reduce everything one fifth, and sustain the reduction. When you do buy, buy local, anything shipped long distance has a longer footprint. When you buy lasting value the foot print shrinks. Do not take "Free", every thing has a environmental cost, the farther away the greater the cost.
BC REDUCES FOSSIL FUELS 90% in Seven Years, Goal 20% in 2015. Provincial Olympics. 

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