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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taxes Create Crime

     High taxes on tobacco feed a black market in Canads, Yes some people quit because of high prices, but now we have millions of dollars going to illegal organized crime instead of the legal organized crime. Obviously the illegal crime is much more efficient than legal crime, they make lots of money at half the price,
      This is why the Self Government of Canada is not going to put any tax on pot. It is just another herb and has some good uses, but not as many as tax free dandelions.. The Garden Party consider both a legal garden herb and if lots of folks grow dandelions the price will be too low for illegal crime to sell on the Black Market. The legal crime will drive dandelions and pot back to the black market if we allow those legal Criminals to tax Herbs.
     So, let be known, all Garden Plants are legal and free from tax. Natural Law. To compromise would be to make honest Gardeners servants of Crime. 
     Our Minister Responsible For Hoes declares all Garden Plants Legal and Tax Free. Done, End of Story. 
      And remember, Only 25 Non Shopping Days to Xmas, Quality Garden Tools Exempt.

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