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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Powers of Ukraine

    The Garden Party Minister of Other Places, Busybody now in Ukraine speaking for all Canadians (that part is a lie), is happy to announce that Canada's Jets won't be dropping any bombs in Ukraine's Gardens. So carry a shovel, if you see a Canadian Jet, start digging.
    Busybody discovered he didn't have to dig very deep to discover that all parts of Ukraine are contaminated with self serving political gold diggers, a tough weed to eradicate but not difficult to identify. Can be recognized by its plentiful green leaves, fast growth, and bears fruit that is toxic to eat. This is of course maintained with help from lesser weeds, the parasite Middle Class that sucks out nutrition to sustain themselves while protecting the gold diggers. The Gardener has to grow 16 carrots to eat one, while the less abundant Middle Class who consume but produce only waste get rewarded six or more carrots and the rare gold diggers, the transformed royalty, get the rest.  As more Gardeners cut off the carrot supply the middle class lose sight, and start eating each other. The Gold Diggers will head over the hills looking for greener pastures to exploit.  The new invasive gold diggers from the EU, Canada, and USA, with IMF are blowing in pollen hoping to double cross with local weeds. The Powers that be, only remain on the thrown, if the plumbers show up. The real power in Ukraine are the Plumbers, if they stopped working all the Powers would be in the outhouse blowing wind. no worries, most of them have been living in it so long that they can not smell anything. support your Plumbers. 

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