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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Planting Shallots

     Planted 200 Shallots, some in pots but mostly in new beds. Third year from a hand full of bulbs.  Building up a seed stock of three or four different types. This year have shallot seeds from last years crop planted and up, also growing chives, other onion seed, some kind walking purple bunch onions, a coastal wild onion, and a hot brown skinned bunch onion similar in size to regular white bunch onions. 
     This week will start preparing a new garden to grow potatoes, turning ground, hauling in Horse Manure. Last year we planted potatoes in January in Saanich BC and had success with seven varieties, grew about 200 lbs. As with all our crops we like to at least double our yield each year.
     This is year 25 of legislation passed in the Canadian Parliament to eradicate child poverty by the year 2000.  The top down administration has failed, reality is we now have a much increased number of kids living in poverty. Living in poverty is not a big deal, some of us choose to live in poverty, but children not having enough food to grow up healthy is a big deal. To address this problem on a local level, Occupation Apple Tree Gardens and fruit trees are made available to parents of children who are unable to provide enough good food for their kids. We will help to put in a garden, prepare the soil, provide seeds, plants, and tools to help parents help themselves. This Idea could happen across the province next year if more Gardeners would pick up on our idea, What the Federal top down incompetent Governments have failed to do in 25 years, the grass roots ground up could accomplish in a couple of years.  The Garden Party Gardeners are available to help where needed. No excuse is acceptable in Canada that kids go hungry. Prepare to Garden. BC FEEDS BC IN 7 YEARS.

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