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Thursday, November 27, 2014

More Good News.

     Our campaign to decrease fossil fuel use by 20% in 2015 has already driven the market price of a barrel oil down below $70. Keep up the good work of Driving Less and Buying. Nothing. Stop Pipeline Construction, and plant Gardens without herbicides and pesticides, and we will continue to progress.  As we do more without money we take control away from Corporate Capitalism.  Our development of Self Government  is removing control of our present Governments Elected by Money.
     We expect the use of oil, gold, and the Canadian Dollar to continue shrinking. The Coin Operated BC Liberal Government is Pushing Natural Gas, not surprising, they are full of it. Expect low prices of Natural Gas on the world market to continue, expect high prices for the small consumer after enough people get hooked up. Decrease the space you heat, put on a sweater. Things are changing , be a part of the change, WORLD BUY NOTHING FOR XMAS 2014, garden seeds allowed.

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