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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life, Liberty, Property.

    A mantra in Good Old USA. Especially the property part. All parts of North America were occupied before the European Invasion. Now, if the laws of property were true and right, it would stand to reason, that the property laws we have at present, have always been, and will always be true. If they are not, the whole idea goes to the compost.
     If it is right, All of North America was taken contrary to laws of ownership of property,  so whatever properties the newcomers have claimed, bought, been given, or stolen, still belong to the ancestry of the First Nations that occupied N. America. If that law making property is true, it would have to be returned. All immigrants to North America are Squatting on First Nations Land and could be evicted by USA Property LAW. But only if The Law was right and true for everyone, not just those hanging on to hot goods. That is why property laws all always talked about in USA. The land claimers must be trying to convince God to agree.  
     The Garden Party of Canada, the New Self Government of Canada, that didn't have to lye, cheat and steal to become the Government of Canada,  is dissolving property in the Compost. We claim no property, we are good caretakers and expect everyone else to be likewise, or, No More Carrots.

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