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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lawless In Canada

     Police, Prosecution and the Judge. They all know each other, and cover for each other.  In court without witnesses, the word of one policeman, overrides the word of the accused every time. The Prosecution uses a book full of tricks to get a guilty ruling instead of looking for the truth. The Judge has a bit of a free hand. Not so much if the police have dirt on the Mayor, and Politics play a part in certain cases. Police word against the accused word holds more weight for those who can't afford a lawyer, And everybody knows only the poor commit crimes.  That must be true, how often does a rich man go to jail. One in 100,000?
     The Self Government of BC, suspects a faulty unequal legal system so we temporarily suspend all Courts until this mess is straitened out. The definition of the word 'temporary' will be the same as the meaning of the word in Canada's World War Two "Temporary Measures income tax act."

Income Tax Act."

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