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Monday, November 17, 2014

Japan Stops Buying

     Gardens growing up, money going down. Number three in the world economy, Japan is leading the race to get rid of Money. No need to fire up nuclear reactors, garbage production is continuing to drop thanks to the Garden Party monthly World Buy Nothing Days. Of course Canada's Self Government will take credit for decreasing the World Monitory Economy three to four percent in 2014. We are encouraged by our success at buying less, so, for 2015 we are after a full 20% Reduction of Fossil Fuels, 1/5 less flying of Gladiators and our Ministers of This and That from NFL, 1/5 better quality of life, 100% less new pipelines and Harper Government, 20% less Toilet Paper and 20% More Gardens.
     Japan is leading the race to the bottom printing currency in a attempt to stimulate people to spend, but they are still not buying. Everybody in Japan is growing some food and we expect more in 2015 as corruption is daily exposed in Government, banking. Stock Markets and School Food Programs. USA has been Bankrupt for decades, they are long past the point of no return. To top things off, there may be as much as a thousand times more paper gold certificates bought and sold than real gold exists in the world. There will be a lot of squirrels upset when they find all the nuts they put away for the winter are empty. Another con job, we recommend cash in and get out, the Gold does not exist, at least don't expect to see a gram of Real Gold when the rush starts. 

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