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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If Not Now, When?

     If not me, who?  Hundreds of Scientists, who should know what they are talking about, who are not making money to come to a desired conclusion, have given warning, change our ways now. If not now, when? We must stop burning fossil fuels. Plain and simple. We have all participated in making the mess, and we now will all change and stop making a mess.
     For starters, stop all widening of roads, streets, and highways that are being built for more cars. No need for more or bigger bridges. Cancel all plans for new gas stations, large car ferries, car parking buildings, and parking meters, as a matter of fact, the meters that now exist could be returned or junked. The number of cars on the road are expected to drop by 20% in 2015. We all should expect a twenty percent drop, and the least we expect of everyone who drives now, is that they will reduce all their fossil fuel  consumption one fifth in 2015. We need for some things a collective effort. We also know that Governments, and the monopoly players can not be trusted to take the right actions that we need to make. They want Money and Control by Money.  Since fossil fuel consumption is also expected to drop 20%, drilling new gas and oil wells,  developing new refineries, will not be needed.  Putting in more pipe lines for transport of fuels which 'we the people' are phasing out, would be criminal to build, and criminal to allow.  We, all of us, have a lot of work to get done, so we can, in seven years, phase out 90% of the fossil fuel we are are using now. That is Our Garden Party Goal.
    We know it must be done, we know how to make the transition, we all willing, tenacious, and won't take no for an answer. We are doing our part and it is time everybody does their part. That will be a party worth going to, and something to celebrate. 
     The Garden Party Endorses Dave for Mayor in all 13 municipalities, he has his own council so don't even bother voting in any of the 170 people running for seats. All they do sit and get paid, and us Gardeners have to shovel shit. But we do get carrots.  

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