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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ground Breaking News.

     Another unused lawn going down on Vancouver Island. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. Stock Markets can bottom out of existence and potatoes will continue to grow. All the Banks can Crash and the garlic will still be hot. The Internet can be rendered unusable, still the Kale will flourish. Unless directly bombed, gardens will continue to produce the stuff of life.
     Get the Victory Gardens Growing, Stop Buying Corporate Foods. If eating them doesn't kill you, starvation might.
      No question, period.. Corporations exist to make money. Profits come first, everything else comes last. But thanks to our Anti Gravity Super Vacuum, all Profits are getting sucked down. Expect the biggest year ever of collapsed Corporations. And as soon as a run starts on banks only about five percent of the people will get their savings out before they declare they are broke and lock the doors permanently. Pull your cash out of the banks, invest in Food Banks, the are gaining a bigger share of the market, their numbers for the fourth quarter are way up. Victory Garden in Harrison Hot Springs, end of Diamond street, left side. Three in Saanich and there are more.

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