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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Garden Party Rules and Law.

    The Garden Party does not legislate Law into Stone, we are Self Government so we make laws as we need them, we are participants in Government. We can be The Minister of Propaganda one day, and Minister of Miscellaneous at the same time. All Kinds of people have been handing out titles to some really sick and crazy people. Addressing with; your worship, right honourable, your highness, Great Poo Koo. Bunch of nuts. So after eating a excessive amount of garden tomatoes, we realized that if anybody is entitled to hand out Titles, so can we. After all, we are the real government of Canada now, undisputed. The people everywhere now are taking over from Organized Crime.
    Only 25 more Non Shopping Days Left, and Plastic Crap or Us can Pack up and Leave. Sorry about the loss of Junk Peddling Jobs, buy yourself a shovel for Xmas, start a garden. Ferguson Feeds Ferguson in Seven Years.

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