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Saturday, November 15, 2014

David Shebib, Mayor of BC

     It is very easy to forecast the outcome of elections in a Capitaliist Run Democracy. Money wins. More Money Spent, More Votes Bought. Media, is a business, spend the money and get the 'right' coverage. Meeting are organized by groups with special interests, and of course, bend the meeting structure to benefit their chosen. The molds are set, rarely broken.  It may be that democracy with elections could work if those with the least votes got the top job.  It is obvious that those who get the most votes can't look after a outhouse properly, too much paper work. What is great about a Democracy is you can change the rules. And that is just what the Garden Party is doing before the Vote Count is in BC Municipal Elections. We are declaring the Candidates who get the least votes, the winners. 
     What a unexpected upset in Canadian Politics. We are looking forward to getting the lowest vote, Dave could win this one, we all voted for some one else. We expect a landslide win, with upsets everywhere. The Life Force has taken over, Money is now Compost.

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