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Monday, November 24, 2014

Corps take over Canada's Lands.

    Everybody should know by now that Corporations and monoculture are anti environment. Desertification of all other life forms, poisons used to maximize profits. The farm lands across The Prairie Provinces are being bought up by the Corporations that control the price of food. The Processors,  Food Distributors, Herbicide makers, such as Monsanto, who has been kicked out of Russia but is likely in Ukraine, and is in Canada now are buying up the farmland. Monsanto has good connections to Harper's Government, as well as Washington.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, Is converting to the concept that all lands be put under good stewardship. Bigger Monoculture Toxic Farms Are Not Good Stewardship, Claim of ownership by buying holds no water, just like the big desert we are making from Edmonton to Texas. Thanks to our new concept we will not continue present money driven agriculture methods that make dead land. 
      Occupation Apple Tree is now offering to steward land in Manitoba, Sask. and Alberta. Money is worthless, Land and Life are Priceless. Back to the land, take care of what will take care of the future. Grow a Garden.

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