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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Benefit from Disaster.

     Not to consider this event a big deal like what is happening in Iraq or even the Ukraine, family squabbles made from outside their silly borders. But what we do here has an affect there, the less oil we use the better. 
     The 20 fruit trees we were given to take care of recently, were all cut down. For development to squeeze more people in the expanding city of Victoria. Little mistake, millions of little mistakes, make one big mistake, Cities.  This needs to change. Masses of people, removed from their food supply and nature, all crowded together, is not sustainable or healthy. 
     First Act: Stop the consumption of ground within city limits. A centimetre of ground is more valuable than all the Banks in town. 
     Second Act: stick a pea seed in that centimetre of ground.
      Third Act: start the plan that will get everyone fed without the Banks. This is where we are. Act Three, looking for more Centimeters of ground to plant more peas and trees, and compost money and banks. Anybody want to join in creation of Act Four, welcome to the shade. We will continue expanding the projects we have, and would like growing space in Esquimalt to feed into Rainbow Kitchen. Fruit trees as well would be nice.  Cell 604 928 3663, Louis.

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