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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


     Here is the plan. 
     For Next Season, we are offering to share what we have learned picking wild mushrooms for market for near 20 years. 
     We offer help to those who want to pick, and a picker should know how to process, to know how and what to pick as well as what to leave behind.  We want to teach people who can pick to supply their community, and excess can be processed and shipped out to feed the rest of BC. Right now BC imports many wild mushrooms that are more abundant here than where the imports come from. 
     If you or anyone in your community, would like to learn mushrooms so we have a local supply, we can start talking now and prepare for picking Spring and Summer Mushrooms.  There are also some berries, herbs and roots that are in demand, if properly handled. 
     Income from quality wild produces for a picker is very irregular, so one must be able to handle dry spells that cost more than what is brought in. During the dry spells, we could direct a little speciality gardening. At any rate, money is not too important, we expect it to be gone within 7yrs, but the portable wealth, will last at least a life time, now there is real value and it is free, can't be done with money, 
     Check out this 799g pine button mushroom picked today for Thursday Market, our biggest button this year.

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