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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Banks Crashing, Canada.

     The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment  claims Canada is making progress.  He claims that there will be 20,000 useless job terminations in the Canadian banking industry this coming year. A conservative estimate.  First Bank to crack is laying off 1500 people now with more to come, all thanks to the hard work of our Minister For More Unemployment, who claims ' you cannot stop progress.'The Fossil Fuel Industry is about to get slammed with thousands of layoffs, as the  First Winter Fossil Fuel Reduction Olympics being held in Saanich BC gets rolling. We have been in training and expect the Gold Shovel Award for a 20% Reduction three years in a row. The Goal is 90% reduction of Fossil Fuels and 100% reduction of Banks in seven years. Progress has been slow but layoffs in high places is picking up speed.

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