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Saturday, November 22, 2014

33 Non-shopping Days Left.

     2014 WORLD 2nd Buy Nothing Xmas. The Garden Party suggests employees of Big Box Junk Stores give each other garden tools. Unfortunately most low priced tools are also of low quality. Some say this is progress, only in bank accounts. 
     Take Ikea, and the toxic junk they sell. Move it twice and if falls apart, sell more. Press board bends and stays bent, is not usable or repairable if it gets damp, it releases toxic gases for at least 10 years, but rarely lasts that long. IKEA does not make furniture , they do make junk out of pressboard that has no lasting value, is toxic in the air people breath, worse if it burnt, and poisons ground water if buried, Toxic Junk. Stop Shopping in any store selling Pressboard, the atmosphere may kill brain cells. Evidence based on Staff Selling The Stuff, anyone with functioning brain cells would quit.
      Save Your Life, Buy Nothing, and have a rich life with fresh air after Xmas.

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