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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Garden Party Rules and Law.

    The Garden Party does not legislate Law into Stone, we are Self Government so we make laws as we need them, we are participants in Government. We can be The Minister of Propaganda one day, and Minister of Miscellaneous at the same time. All Kinds of people have been handing out titles to some really sick and crazy people. Addressing with; your worship, right honourable, your highness, Great Poo Koo. Bunch of nuts. So after eating a excessive amount of garden tomatoes, we realized that if anybody is entitled to hand out Titles, so can we. After all, we are the real government of Canada now, undisputed. The people everywhere now are taking over from Organized Crime.
    Only 25 more Non Shopping Days Left, and Plastic Crap or Us can Pack up and Leave. Sorry about the loss of Junk Peddling Jobs, buy yourself a shovel for Xmas, start a garden. Ferguson Feeds Ferguson in Seven Years.

Things Have To Change

     Those are the words coming out of the mouths of the residents of Ferguson. They are being felt by many all over the USA and as far away South Africa. There is a lot that is a lot of rot in America, rot in the police, rot and inhumanity in their massive prison system, racism, inequality, poverty, rot and corruption in all levels of government, foreign policy disasters since World War Two, yes things have to change. Not Just USA, Canada is sending uniforms to Ukraine encouraging war without shovels to bury the well dressed young who will be pumped up to fight for corporate capitalism. All over South America Canadian Registered Mining Companies are polluting indigenous waters and lands, protesters are often killed. Look at what Corporations are doing in supporting corrupt governments to suppress their own people so they can capitalize on local resources.  The World is Sick, people know it, and people want to make change, for the most part peacefully, but it is getting ugly in many places. If the powers that be don't see the wake up call in Ferguson soon, the  future assessment is not good.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Canada Ending Visa Department.

    All those poor paycheck salves pushing computer visa papers around, keeping honest farmers out of Canada and letting in corporate exploiters hate their jobs.
    Have no fear, The Garden Party is Here, Self Government of Where Ever We Are, Canada.  From the root cellar By Unanimous Vote declares: No More Visa Needed, Therefore we will be closing the Department of Immigration and Wasted Resources. The check slaves will be released. The Garden Party still has extra shovels and there are lots of lawns to dig up, beneficial work. Canada Feeds Canada in Seven Years.

The Sun Comes Up

     Our Minister of Propagation now proclaimed Mayor of BC Canada knows well The Criminal Justice System.  His first encounter, jumping a fence into a lumber yard and driving a truck around, got him 14 months in youth detention.  Released at 15, broke, stole $17 from a business and got a year in Adult Prison, where he got his education. Getting no help from the outside, he actual did get help from some much older convicts, they protected him because was young. At 24 he had spent 7 years in Jail. In those days some judges gave kids 5 years for 1 oz of pot. The Criminal Justice System turned a kid into a Criminal for taking a free driving lesson, and getting caught. After 24 he went into real estate and was a instant success legally stealing from sellers and buyers. Joined the Chambers Of Commerce, opened shops and ran for local government to build his war chest. Declared Himself the Mayor of BC, and Now is entering into the Real New World Order. His value is, that he knows what not to do, and fumbles towards the Goal, THE SUN COMES UP, THE SUN GOES DOWN. THE REAL NEW WORLD ORDER. Self Government Has Arrived In Canada. Order your government to the garden. The mayor has extra shovels, only slightly used to lean on. Want to make a deal?

Wake up call GNP

     Capitalism like Cancer requires increase to survive. The 'legal Drug Industry' is not trying to find a cure cancer, they would like to find a drug that stops cancer, but needs constant medication. That is the way of Capitalism.  
     Most Governments in Canada are pushing for increased productivity, every year.  Forests, gas and oil, ores and minerals, fish and beef, oats and potatoes, gladiators and lotteries. This ever increasing production and consumption of resources is required to keep the money coming. Never enough to catch up to debts, keeping the population enslaved.
     Take Canada for example, exports almost everything.  It has all it needs to house, cloth, and feed itself. BC used to cut down enough trees every year to build a house for every man, woman and child in the province. We have unemployed carpenters, people have been saying we have a shortage of housing for decades, we mill lots of lumber. What's the problem? Capitalism. A money system owned and operated by thieves that even own the prisons. They run so called Democracies, in Canada too. Social needs that do not make profits are basically ignored by coin operated politicians. Laws prevent the people's access of forest resources that actually are theirs. Access to land to build a house also insures years of forced labour to attain free of debt, that is unless you work for Organized Crime. Legal or illegal.
     Things Have to Change. Everybody needs a place to park without feeding organized crime. A healthy 70 year old could built a shack and plant a garden in one year of slaving. Buying into a house at 20 years old it will take 50 slave years to pay for, and you still are forced to pay taxes to one mob or another. The Garden Party finds all land priceless. Taxes and Money wasteful and easily corrupted, the future has no room for them. They are on their way to the compost of historical mistakes. That done, the resources can then be used by people for people to take care of their needs. No time like now, if not now, when? Prepare To Garden. STEAD MANITOBA FEEDS STEAD MANITOBA IN 7 YEARS.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

More Good News.

     Our campaign to decrease fossil fuel use by 20% in 2015 has already driven the market price of a barrel oil down below $70. Keep up the good work of Driving Less and Buying. Nothing. Stop Pipeline Construction, and plant Gardens without herbicides and pesticides, and we will continue to progress.  As we do more without money we take control away from Corporate Capitalism.  Our development of Self Government  is removing control of our present Governments Elected by Money.
     We expect the use of oil, gold, and the Canadian Dollar to continue shrinking. The Coin Operated BC Liberal Government is Pushing Natural Gas, not surprising, they are full of it. Expect low prices of Natural Gas on the world market to continue, expect high prices for the small consumer after enough people get hooked up. Decrease the space you heat, put on a sweater. Things are changing , be a part of the change, WORLD BUY NOTHING FOR XMAS 2014, garden seeds allowed.

Ground Breaking News.

     Another unused lawn going down on Vancouver Island. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. Stock Markets can bottom out of existence and potatoes will continue to grow. All the Banks can Crash and the garlic will still be hot. The Internet can be rendered unusable, still the Kale will flourish. Unless directly bombed, gardens will continue to produce the stuff of life.
     Get the Victory Gardens Growing, Stop Buying Corporate Foods. If eating them doesn't kill you, starvation might.
      No question, period.. Corporations exist to make money. Profits come first, everything else comes last. But thanks to our Anti Gravity Super Vacuum, all Profits are getting sucked down. Expect the biggest year ever of collapsed Corporations. And as soon as a run starts on banks only about five percent of the people will get their savings out before they declare they are broke and lock the doors permanently. Pull your cash out of the banks, invest in Food Banks, the are gaining a bigger share of the market, their numbers for the fourth quarter are way up. Victory Garden in Harrison Hot Springs, end of Diamond street, left side. Three in Saanich and there are more.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taxes Create Crime

     High taxes on tobacco feed a black market in Canads, Yes some people quit because of high prices, but now we have millions of dollars going to illegal organized crime instead of the legal organized crime. Obviously the illegal crime is much more efficient than legal crime, they make lots of money at half the price,
      This is why the Self Government of Canada is not going to put any tax on pot. It is just another herb and has some good uses, but not as many as tax free dandelions.. The Garden Party consider both a legal garden herb and if lots of folks grow dandelions the price will be too low for illegal crime to sell on the Black Market. The legal crime will drive dandelions and pot back to the black market if we allow those legal Criminals to tax Herbs.
     So, let be known, all Garden Plants are legal and free from tax. Natural Law. To compromise would be to make honest Gardeners servants of Crime. 
     Our Minister Responsible For Hoes declares all Garden Plants Legal and Tax Free. Done, End of Story. 
      And remember, Only 25 Non Shopping Days to Xmas, Quality Garden Tools Exempt.

The Celling of America

     An Inside Look at the US Prison System, book put together by present and former inmates. It would be a good read for Canadians to know why we should not be in a hurry to let Harper become Judge, Jury and Hangman. The book will inform Canadians who have never experienced jail time. Harper wants more jails. We are not addressing our poverty, disenfranchised, the mentally challenged, that might not be so challenged if the rest of the people smartened up. Harper is now trying create a climate of fear when actual crime has been strangely dropping. Overriding the Judges, now starting to build up the Canadian Military. Gagging Scientists, Cutting Funding and Influencing the Canadian Broadcast Corporations programs. Now he wants everybody living in fear of terrorists. No Mr Harper, in Canada, you are far more fearful than any terrorist.
     Let's get most of the people locked up now prepared, so they can be released, and helped, so they don't go back. We have the ability to do this. Learn why people end up going to jail and address the cause, solve problem, stay out of jail.  Except when you go there to get counselling from prisoners you might be able help from the outside.  All things have to get better, it is a part of the Big Thing getting Better.
     Every prison should have a big area for Gardening. Might be a nice place for Harper to take the shovel we left for him in Ottawa.

No Market this week.

     Done for the Season.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Minister of National Defence.

      The Garden Party Minister of Defence is preparing for an invasion of any enemies. We need to be well prepared. A proper welcome. The invaders will need a good meal and bed after the invasion, and then we prepare for the next attack,
     The Military Equipment we have in stock can hardly wait to get to where the real necessary action is taking place. Control of our lives is a fairy tale if we don't have control of our food. A good and necessary  place to start taking control of our lives. From the Garden we develop structures of self government, growing and distribution, and stimulating everybody to join in the party.  The Real Party will happen when we have something to celebrate.

The Fall of the Cosmetic Industry.

     Weekly Leeks from our 28,542 spies around the world disguised as Gardeners have informed insider information that the cosmetic industry is on its way to the compost pile. This of course is due to all the Gardeners and Farmers who have stopped buying the sweat shop toxic make-up junk pumped into society by billions of trees cut for the fashion industry advertising. Yes there were profits, but the real costs are huge, socially and environmentally harmful. Gardeners will now smell Human. 
     So take heed all squirrels who have stored their nuts in the cosmetic box, it may be time to move them. Things are moving quickly these days, nuts are not safe anywhere and are losing value every day.

Planting Shallots

     Planted 200 Shallots, some in pots but mostly in new beds. Third year from a hand full of bulbs.  Building up a seed stock of three or four different types. This year have shallot seeds from last years crop planted and up, also growing chives, other onion seed, some kind walking purple bunch onions, a coastal wild onion, and a hot brown skinned bunch onion similar in size to regular white bunch onions. 
     This week will start preparing a new garden to grow potatoes, turning ground, hauling in Horse Manure. Last year we planted potatoes in January in Saanich BC and had success with seven varieties, grew about 200 lbs. As with all our crops we like to at least double our yield each year.
     This is year 25 of legislation passed in the Canadian Parliament to eradicate child poverty by the year 2000.  The top down administration has failed, reality is we now have a much increased number of kids living in poverty. Living in poverty is not a big deal, some of us choose to live in poverty, but children not having enough food to grow up healthy is a big deal. To address this problem on a local level, Occupation Apple Tree Gardens and fruit trees are made available to parents of children who are unable to provide enough good food for their kids. We will help to put in a garden, prepare the soil, provide seeds, plants, and tools to help parents help themselves. This Idea could happen across the province next year if more Gardeners would pick up on our idea, What the Federal top down incompetent Governments have failed to do in 25 years, the grass roots ground up could accomplish in a couple of years.  The Garden Party Gardeners are available to help where needed. No excuse is acceptable in Canada that kids go hungry. Prepare to Garden. BC FEEDS BC IN 7 YEARS.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Corps take over Canada's Lands.

    Everybody should know by now that Corporations and monoculture are anti environment. Desertification of all other life forms, poisons used to maximize profits. The farm lands across The Prairie Provinces are being bought up by the Corporations that control the price of food. The Processors,  Food Distributors, Herbicide makers, such as Monsanto, who has been kicked out of Russia but is likely in Ukraine, and is in Canada now are buying up the farmland. Monsanto has good connections to Harper's Government, as well as Washington.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada, Is converting to the concept that all lands be put under good stewardship. Bigger Monoculture Toxic Farms Are Not Good Stewardship, Claim of ownership by buying holds no water, just like the big desert we are making from Edmonton to Texas. Thanks to our new concept we will not continue present money driven agriculture methods that make dead land. 
      Occupation Apple Tree is now offering to steward land in Manitoba, Sask. and Alberta. Money is worthless, Land and Life are Priceless. Back to the land, take care of what will take care of the future. Grow a Garden.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Inflation Shrinks Canada's Dollar?

     Good News, money continues to shrink. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Goal is to shrink money into History, we are making progress. New projects are embarked on weekly without a dime in the slush fund. We spent all $9.28 we had in our 2014 budget months ago according to Minister of Finance who is now camped out in Beacon Hill Park. That has not slowed down the work coming in.
      The Garden Party is expanding in to wood works, and started a lumber supply operation. It is picking up steam. We intend to have hundreds of locations set up in two years. No rush, no stress, just get done what needs doing, mostly stop doing what would be better left undone.

33 Non-shopping Days Left.

     2014 WORLD 2nd Buy Nothing Xmas. The Garden Party suggests employees of Big Box Junk Stores give each other garden tools. Unfortunately most low priced tools are also of low quality. Some say this is progress, only in bank accounts. 
     Take Ikea, and the toxic junk they sell. Move it twice and if falls apart, sell more. Press board bends and stays bent, is not usable or repairable if it gets damp, it releases toxic gases for at least 10 years, but rarely lasts that long. IKEA does not make furniture , they do make junk out of pressboard that has no lasting value, is toxic in the air people breath, worse if it burnt, and poisons ground water if buried, Toxic Junk. Stop Shopping in any store selling Pressboard, the atmosphere may kill brain cells. Evidence based on Staff Selling The Stuff, anyone with functioning brain cells would quit.
      Save Your Life, Buy Nothing, and have a rich life with fresh air after Xmas.

Friday, November 21, 2014

People Stop Pipelines.

     Kinder Morgan has not stopped using Herbicides as requested by a resident of BC. That is misuse of land, all rights to lands used by their pipelines have as of now are cancelled. Rights to land use now is tied to good stewardship.  KM has lost all rights for any compensation for breaking Garden Party Law, we suggest a long holiday in Texas and a little gardening, KM business in BC is finished. You are in contempt of the people.