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Monday, October 13, 2014

We Found Mushrooms Today

     The new student has a good eye for difficult to spot mushrooms, chilly and wet but we found a basket of Blue Chanterelles, another of very nice hedgehogs, 1/2 dozen pines, a prime 3 pound bears head, and few old
mans hat, purple heads, winter Chanterelles, and a pigs ear we might eat. Accommodation for the night, sleep in the truck. Definitely a little discomfort. In Kamloops tonight having garden discussions. It seems connections are being formed and only require one action to weld the bond. We Are Ready. We do not mind some discomfort, think of the discomfort of all the dispossessed people with not even a truck to sleep, it would make us arrogant to complain of discomfort. Discomfort might actually be beneficial for a lot people, and it is only right that we all share some discomfort, and lift the load dumped on all refugees.

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