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Monday, October 20, 2014

Stop Criminal Politians.

     BC Liquid Natural Gas for export is being pushed by a few people as Must Do, for jobs and the economy. Grow the economy which has no mathematical integrity and is a direct cause of environmental and social degradation. To achieve BC's coin operated politician's Goals of making a killing $$$, we need Site C Dam. Their plan, already in the process, is making people pay for the Dam, by charging more for electricity, when the price should be decreasing.  The present Dams and main infrastructure are paid for, mostly by the working people.  Industries  Energy is still being subsidized.  Up keep is the main cost now.  Why has the cost of our electricity gone up? All to pay for Site C Dam?  We Know All the electricity from Site C, will be used by the LNG industry, who will be given a long term rate much below the rate for those who paid for the Dam. To convert natural gas to liquid requires lots of energy. We people do not need another Dam in BC, nor do we want to send all our raw resources over seas to fuel a Capitalist Run World, including our elected governments. Leave those resources where they are, stop Site C Dam, and lower our electric bill.  
     Just a note on the bright side, Thanks to World Buy Nothing Days on the 21st of every Month. Prices are dropping, markets crashing, we need now to crash the New Car Market. Rearrange your life. Stop driving, start by driving a little less as a constant. Oct 21st World No Driving Day. Give the world a break. Enjoy the Holiday. 

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