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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Solution For Italy's Unemployed.

     Start Self Government of Italy. Zero Budget, pay as you go. If you have no money, do without money. It is a ball and chain we are getting rid of anyway. People have to eat. Start nursery gardens, propagate seeds and plants, all the people have to eat. Don't pay for land or buy any. Remove Land as a commodity.  Occupation Apple Tree Policy: We will take care of food trees and shrubs without charge, tend trees and grow good organic food. First Revolutionary Act, Grow and be in control of your food supply. Develop Government from the Ground up, you have one vote, vote for yourself, one vote changes everything. Bring in the future, and we can tell you a lot of what is not there, like no banks, no insurance companies or parking meters, no money or credit cards, no IMF and no debt.  The Garden Party has  cancelled all debt in Canada, and Just Because we Can, we will Cancel all debt in Italy.  The world's monetary structure is a sham, a con job, held together by belief and crazy glue. Borrowing from the future telling the unborn they will have to pay bills for the past, insanity, it seems is a communicable disease. Of course the Garden Party of Canada, USA. and Russia want to let The Garden Party of Italy Cancel their debt to make it official.
    Vote with a shovel, dig in for positive outcome, and eat in the meantime. 
     ITALY FEEDS ITALY, in 7 years. And just a reminder in this pass it on mail, we are celebrating our second World Buy Nothing for Xmas, avoid the rush and buy nothing earlier as well.

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