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Friday, October 3, 2014

Regardless of Elections.

    The Gardens Grow, unless it is on land claimed by CP Rail. Actually they broke their original agreement of why they were given land grants. Land that was stolen  by the Crown, and stolen again by the CP, Evict CPR, and grow more Gardens. The Garden Party has just passed  Bill #2. All titled lands unused for one year are available for Gardening, including lawns with 'Keep Off The Grass" signs. Thanks to Bill #2 there are now plenty of new garden spaces to put in a few berry bushes, grape vines, and garlic. Dig In. Occupation Apple Tree will soon start a Community Garden on the E and N Railway Line, in Victoria, as well as the CP Line in Vancouver. But don't wait for us if you want to get started. The occupation movement is alive and well in Victoria BC.  Turning up the dirt, pulling weeds and pruning deadwood. Feels good to Be Active. Feels good to get most of your food out of your own Garden. Want a young Kale Plant with a couple Garlic?

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