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Saturday, October 11, 2014

One Vote is Changing Things.

     What is Your Vote Doing? Do you give it to someone else to make decisions for you? Decisions that you have no control over, are not even informed that this little law and that little law is eroding your freedom. Cutting firewood, now requires permits and taxes to support more workers doing all kinds of things that have nothing to do with firewood. 
     All of BC Forests are being exploited right now.  Anywhere there is a Dollar to be made the trees are coming down. All decisions are being made in some monument built to bull shit towers looking at financial Gibble de Gook, which has no respect for life, and they got your vote no matter who you voted for. Inside information tells us that a lot, if not all elections in Canada, are Fixed. 
     Our election model is faulty if the outcome is determined by money. And that is the model across North America. Money Talks, People Have Nothing To Say, and they gave their vote away. Time to take it back, and if you are going to waste your vote, waste it on Dave, at least you will get some fire works, and who knows, when the smoke clears we might all be making our Vote do something.

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