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Saturday, October 11, 2014

One Vote Changes Everything

     Officialdum has Complied, to rules they keep changing to keep out the rife raff who if elected would sent all their useless election jobs along with self serving politicians to the compost bin of history, David Shebib for Mayor Everywhere. 13 Municipal Ridings including Victoria, the Capital of BC Canada.  His Chief of Police is homeless living in a tent in a city park. Officers are likely looking for him now, not to arrest him again but to bring him coffee and donuts, as to get on his good side, seeing how he could soon be Chief of Police. Yes,  One Vote Could Change Everything, bring your vote with you, never let it go. Dave For Mayor Everywhere. Get Rid of at least 12 Mayors, then you will have only one more to throw out. The odds are in our favour.  Our Polls have been a constant: 52% not voting, 25% voting for Dave, 2% undecided, 10% dead, 11% confused.  GO DAVE GO!

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