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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Invest in Canada?

     Be forewarned, any trade deals, resource purchases, government gaurantees are not considered valid by The Garden Party of Canada. Permission was never given by the informed public, as a matter of fact, the public often finds out years after the fact. All these deals have a cloud over them and The Garden Party is calling for clear skies. As of Oct 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, All Deals will be considered Null and Void.
     We expect retaliation overseas, Canadian Mining Companies will likely get a much deserved boot out of a lot of IMF Created Third World Countries. That would make our Minister For More Unemployment Happy.  Why are we wasting resources, polluting rivers to dig for gold, to process, crush millions of tons of rock, extract, smelt, and stick it in vaults back in the ground. And guard the shiny yellow metal forever.  Totally Nuts, sell your gold, crash another illusion! Makes more sense to grow a Garden, it is rare that you have to guard a shovel.
     Foreign Investors Everywhere, take your investments and go home, buy a shovel, the world is changing, Garden Parties are Growing Around The World. It is all over the Telepathic News. Not surprised you have not heard about it, even our 24,795 spies need a shovel to tune in to Telepathic News. Try It.

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