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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hong Kong Protests.

     The place is a political mess, The Garden Party suggests a good weeding is necessary to see the jewels. If it is democracy you want, define carefully the meaning of the word, before you construct a new Government. All existing models of democratic governments, with a Capitalist System, fail to produce good fruit.
     Start your grass roots inclusive government today. Tell everyone you are now the government of your world. The Garden Party is inclusive, we let everyone shovel manure. You can start your 
own Garden Party, and dig in, keep your vote, the new form of government in Canada that is developing now, it is up to us what we want or want to leave to History. We are developing the grassroots government, without need for the Capitalist System, in fact we no longer have use for any money. More people are decreasing their use of money, in all it's forms. Don't get caught holding a big bag of money, it soon will not buy you a small bag of peas. Nor will you need to, we have extra seed. We even have extra shovels. Government From the Ground up.

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