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Friday, October 24, 2014

Gardeners turn Preachers

    The Garden Party is evolving, we are coming from the ground up and changing the form of government in Canada. We are ready to go preaching, what it is we can teach and continue to evolve as a functioning society,  properly taking care of our home, Earth, call it what you want. We are temporary occupants. Ownership of land is a concept dreamt up. The first land grab in Canada, was theft. We need good Stewardship all across this country yesterday. But here we are today. And we want to go preaching, and start immediate action, on a plan with a goal. Instant satisfaction is nice, but results are even better.  Ready for a invitation,  no fee required, not after your wallet, we are willing to pay our way, but getting rid of pay and replacing it with real value at less to no cost to our environment.
     At any rate, need a preacher? We will even go to church. Need some entertainment at the officers club? Wouldn't miss it . But if you have a large piece of land, well we could preach, teach, learn and produce food to feed ourselves and others. New Gardeners would learn how to be good stewards or take their portable wealth, skills and attributes that can be applied where ever they go. So those who have access to land, from a back yard to large acreage, the preachers with shovels are ready.

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