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Friday, October 17, 2014

Garden Party Institute of Research

     Institute of Research, doesn't that sound impressive.  Now all we have to do is research how to take control of our actions, and direct our energy to support what needs to be done and stop doing things that would be better left undone. Our Research Team, are all Experts with lifetimes of experience. The evidence is in, all the present experts in high places are experts in what we want left undone. 
    Our experts in low places are now taking direct action bringing in the changes we all know have to happen to realize the dream within every human being. 
     Back at our propagate and feed nursery this week harvesting seed, sifting soil, filling compost pots, hauling manure and developing our new connection with South American Farmers. Who would like us to feed ourselves. Many of their poor farmers have been displaced and are now going hungry because we are buying their food. Money money money . The Garden Party is evolving out of money. That is why all the fairy tale financial markets are crashing, all headed to the compost. Not time to celebrate yet. But soon. Still a few other dead branches that produce no good fruit to prune.
BC Feeds BC in 7 Years.

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  1. always find good sense ovver here, please wish Dave Shebib the best on the Mayor election, they made me Mayor one time up in OF and a while later turned on me, no certainty

    be well