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Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy Crisis?

     In North America we have a energy glut. Waste is a money generator and Capitalists thrive on turning resources into garbage to generate virtual numbers. Millions of cars, trucks, buses, trains moving every day to go to jobs that would be better left undone. Half the food produced wasted. All consume Energy. 10% of the energy we use today could take care of all our Energy Needs if brain cells activated, and money was removed from the equation.
     So what do you expect the Garden Party to do?  Make Laws Against Everything? No. The Garden Party Government of Canada embraces Participatory Democracy, where the responsibility fall on each of us to do the right thing. Laws require police, police require jails, then we need judges and courthouses, and cars, trucks, buses and trains and thus energy to do it all. Take a break.
     OCT 21st, WORLD DO NOTHING DAY.  Should be peaceful. The day is coming, plan for it, you may want to extend the Holiday, why not take a long Vacation and find a good place to start a Garden.

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