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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Economy Shrinking.

     Thanks to The Garden Party, Self Declared Government of Canada's, austerity budgets, more people are going for broke. Of course our World Buy Nothing Days the 21st of Every Month, has even shrunk the Chinese economy by 5%. We are making progress, thousands of Canadians are leaving garbage making jobs and taking up gardening. Driving has decreased, no jobs to drive to, less trips to the food stores, less worn out tires, less packaging, sixteen jobs are lost for every new gardener that sticks a shovel in the ground.
     Our statistics show that under the present structure of multiple levels of government in Canada, a potato farmer has to grow Sixteen Potatoes to feed civil servants before eating one. In other words, every potato farmer has to carry 16 or more civil servants on their back while digging Potatos. No wonder every potato farmer is joining the Garden Party and shaking off all that dead weight. Productivity has doubled, and Gardeners can now direct their food to feed the unemployed civil servants while they retrain to jobs worthy of being fed.

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