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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dave for Mayor Everywhere.

     David Shebib has got his nomination papers to go for the Top Job, mayor of Victoria BC.  He intends to run for mayor in all local municipal elections, 13 right now. He states that when elected, his main job is Pubic Relations and he needs only one pay check, thus a big savings for everybody. Besides, he loves PR, and figures if we are going to have cut backs due to the elimination of Parking Meters, cut the dead wood out.  Start at the top, get rid of your mayor, mayors office and car, got to be a half a million in savings for each empty chair.
     This action would be favourable to The Garden Party Policy and is a step in the right direction of eliminating useless PR jobs. We in The Garden Party Suggest that the people all over BC Get Nomination Papers and Run David Shebib for Mayor. Why miss out? Save Save Vote For Dave. Dig in.
    Garden Party Pass it on Mail.

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