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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Canadian Spies Given Shovels.

     The Garden Party now offers a shiny hoe and shovel to all five eyed Canadian Spies. That's right, Canada's New Self government has cut funding and pea shooters to all of Canada's Secret Police Agencies. 
     Our Minister for More Unemployment is back at work cutting out useless jobs. This will enable even more people to Garden. The Garden Party is making progress as it has successfully slowed down world commerce by nearly 15% in the past year, and is forecasting further decreases for 2015. Lots of lay offs coming to fossil fuel and mining industries, fast toxic food chains will be hit hard, Ikea and other big box junk stores should start collapsing right after our World Buy Nothing For Xmas Campaign. This year we are adding Halloween to our Buy Nothing List to counter another corporate campaign to sell junk to add to land fills. Just be real. That should scare even Canada's Secret Police.
     World Buy Nothing for Halloween Year,

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