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Monday, October 20, 2014

BC Municiple Elections Fixed?

    If a Candidate is reported as a clown who is not serious, by media, or not given equal consideration to be heard, could that be considered a bit of a fix? When developers stick cash in pockets of a favoured horse, would that be a bit of a fix? I rub your back you rub my back? Every Public Meeting structured to block any effective discussion, keeping out 'The Clowns'. Part of The Fix of the Chamber of Commerce Clowns, who no doubt have a lot to do with the making of our headaches.
     Now, once in a long while there is a upset, or a good choice gets made in a local election. Only to find out that the process of our structured governments, under the rule of law that pays no heed to the intent of the law, even a honest person can get little done or undone. It's like a cancer that will not stop growing even if it means killing itself.
     Rather than nailing new shoes on a dead horse to pull the old wagon, we are moving on with a new horse and a lighter wagon. Our present methods of living are unsustainable, our governments are servicing organized crime, money makes the rules, and $30,000 will win you a seat in most municipal elections in BC. 
    The Garden Party is pioneering a new participatory government, where elections are history. We are simply the future, turning over the ground, and evolving. We have taken over control of our lives, have our own government, and grow our own Potatoes. We are inclusive and expect to cross the finish line first, unaffected by the manufactured consent of uninformed voters and fixed elections.

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