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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Banks Are Broke

    At least some Canadian Banks if not all of them have put in some new rules of conduct to delay people from withdrawing cash from their savings and checking accounts without advance notice. This requires a appointment, which of course cannot happen the day you request a withdrawal over $2,000. Test out your bank, walk in and ask for Five thou cash.  The TD Bank of Canada, recently refused a request of Five Thousand Cash to a Checking Account Client, who had over Ten Thousand in the account.  If a bank can't pay out what has been deposited on demand, does that mean they invested your deposit?, or spent it? Are they bankrupt? 
     After a carefully conducted superfishole investigation conducted this summer the Garden Party deducted that the Banks have spent everybody's deposits, are broke, and to prevent a public run on the banks, which has started, they are inventing stratagies to delay withdrawals.  They are in trouble, Garden Party Leeks indicate a unraveling to start this fall and is pulling out all $9.28 out of The TD Bank as soon as a appointment can be made. To avoid line ups that are expected before the end of the month, and to be sure to get out the $9.28  before they run out of cash. We will be working hard to spend all of it as fast as we can, why wait for Spring, spend your cash now, it may reach its real value before the Dandelion Blooms. Nothing.
    Next World Buy Nothing Day, Oct. 21st, Save Save Vote For Dave. 

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