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Friday, October 31, 2014

Unemployment Solution

    Ignore zoning laws that interfere with evolution. And who ever dreamt up business licences, was just making the mob shake down racket legal. The same place Insurance evolved from. The mob had their police to enforce their law. The new mob that legalized the crime now shakes down existing business with permission slips, fees etc and have uniformed police to enforce the law. The difference, now you don't get your knee caps busted and you pay more. To resist might get you into one of Crime Boss Harper's Safe Houses for a free extended holiday. They are overfull now, but we know Harper's working hard to get more public housing. Happy First World Buy Nothing For Halloween Day.
     The Garden Party, after a brief telepathic consensus committee meeting, has thrown all Business licences out the window. Sorry for derailing the passing train carting all those chemicals to the pulp mill.  So now with no more shake down from either mob, anyone can pick up a shovel and go to work.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Solve Homeless Problem

    Look at the causes. Zoning Regulations pushed on people dictating not more than 3 or 4 unrelated people can live on property zoned residential in BC, Canada. Laws against living in Recreation  Vehicles. Building codes preventing small dwellings, on so called private property. Other codes and permits putting obstacles preventing home owners putting in extra suites or putting up a shack.
     There is not shortage of housing, there is a shortage of sanity. Thousands of large houses are empty or have one or two people living in them, thousands of small business buildings that could house people, workers or business owners are zoned out for living occupation,
     Who has paid off the coin operated politicians that bought their way into Government to entrench laws that erode freedoms?  Banks, developers, real estate boards, insurance companies, property speculators, are benefiting while people are being dumped on the street and the public purse is forced to pay for public housing.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of BC suggests sending all leeches to the compost of history along with Zoning Laws and bring in Common Sense and Sanity.  Declare Self Government and permit yourself permission to do what needs doing, and the first evolutionary act is plant a garden. Solve homelessness, cut waste, drive less, buy less sleeping pills, eat healthy food, take in a homeless person if you have room, and Join in on the Second World Buy Nothing For Xmas.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keeping Canadian Safe?

     Wow, we can all go to sleep again, our fraudulently elected Prime Minister Harper is going to keep Canadians safe. That sounds like extra power for police, harsher sentences, more jails for Canadians, to keep them safe
     The World's Funny Money, duck taped and crazy glued together, could completely come apart any day.  Gardeners would be the preferred profession. 
     The Evolution Revolution requires the First Revolutionary Act: Grow A Garden, no excuses accepted.

Expect Massive Unemployment.

      As The Garden Party Evolves, Money will dissolve. All the people in the numbers racket will be looking for work of real value to their community. When money is gone, 25% direct full time jobs in Canada will be gone. Indirect jobs lost may even be greater than direct jobs lost. This means that at least 50% of human activity at work every day do not produce the value of a pea, but sure use up and waste a lot of resources. Accountants, loan sharks and Realtors will be in the poor house, they should start a garden. Cash registers will be in the junk pile and money in the History of Mistakes Museum.

Thursday Market

Will be at Market about 10am, later if held up by traffic jams which have happened in the past two week. Pines and chanterelles this week. Not answering ph till 11am Thursday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scum of the Earth

     Scum, that stuff that we all evolved from, this was before the concept of God was dreamt up, but reincarnation might have already been happening. The greasy stuff that raises to the top and suffocates everything underneath then eats itself and dies leaving a stinky toxic mess. Not unlike scribes or lawyers, arguing both sides sucking billions out of the public purse, and anyone else who has assets. They are not in the future.
     Due to the positive outlook of a continuing depression, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada has been forced to make easy decisions, Cuts, all Government Lawyers have been fired. They can pick up their final check from Our Minister of Finance. At the moment his office is a Tent in Beacon Hill Park in Victory. Government is broke but has a couple of shovels and seed potatoes for the thousands of unemployable lawyers to fight over. Our new Justice Legal System, functions much better and faster and cheaper without Lawyers. Students of Law  would be well advised to learn also about Composts for two good reasons. One: that is where all lawyers will soon be and you should know where you are going.  Two: you will know something useful when you get there. If you are smart, skip the Degrees and go directly to the compost and get a garden started. BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. Need help in the Garden?  Call a Lawyer. There will be a lot of unemployed soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

RCMP, Trustworthy?

     Trust The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. From personal experience, a large number of Canadians and First Nations would say otherwise. We of The Garden Party question their claim, that they call a man with serous mental problems a terrorist, when his mother says otherwise. Could it be that the special powers and bigger budgets would be easier to get if RCMP can call sick people terrorists? Make all your evidence public, don't tell us that you have some kind of proof that enables you to label a dead man a terrorist, and not release the evidence immediately. We know the RCMP have lied and covered up evidence in the past, why should we trust them now, the RCMP are not that worthy of trust. And what happened to the heard once news, that the shooter had gone to a police station some days before the killing of a innocent young man in Ottawa, and asked for help, asked to be locked up. To be honest, it is getting very difficult to believe anything put out by the RCMP or the Elected Government of Canada.  It might be helpful to back track the sick mans journey and see what went down in his life, perhaps there are others who are feeling guilty, of adding straws to camels back. And maybe we can do better. Giving Police More Powers anywhere will not make things better.

Solution For Italy's Unemployed.

     Start Self Government of Italy. Zero Budget, pay as you go. If you have no money, do without money. It is a ball and chain we are getting rid of anyway. People have to eat. Start nursery gardens, propagate seeds and plants, all the people have to eat. Don't pay for land or buy any. Remove Land as a commodity.  Occupation Apple Tree Policy: We will take care of food trees and shrubs without charge, tend trees and grow good organic food. First Revolutionary Act, Grow and be in control of your food supply. Develop Government from the Ground up, you have one vote, vote for yourself, one vote changes everything. Bring in the future, and we can tell you a lot of what is not there, like no banks, no insurance companies or parking meters, no money or credit cards, no IMF and no debt.  The Garden Party has  cancelled all debt in Canada, and Just Because we Can, we will Cancel all debt in Italy.  The world's monetary structure is a sham, a con job, held together by belief and crazy glue. Borrowing from the future telling the unborn they will have to pay bills for the past, insanity, it seems is a communicable disease. Of course the Garden Party of Canada, USA. and Russia want to let The Garden Party of Italy Cancel their debt to make it official.
    Vote with a shovel, dig in for positive outcome, and eat in the meantime. 
     ITALY FEEDS ITALY, in 7 years. And just a reminder in this pass it on mail, we are celebrating our second World Buy Nothing for Xmas, avoid the rush and buy nothing earlier as well.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pre-emptive Measures

   Harper's Secret Police are about to get special powers to arrest and detain any Canadians for prevention measures and lock up anyone they deem to a threat to our "free and democratic Canada". We in The Garden Party are sure glad we don't recognize Harper's  Government having any authority, therefore, his private secret Police can exercise their special powers on the handle of a shovel.  The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada claims there are no secret police in the future, and we are establishing the future into the present and evolving. Perhaps if Harper believed in evolution he might not be regurgitating past mistakes into the present.
     At any rate, Harper's Secret Police would now have to detain all 206,167 Gardeners for threatening to grow food without Monsanto or Stick Waving Dictators. We left a shovel on the parliament steps for you Mr Harper, Officially declaring to the Crown, that we will henceforward be our own Government. Ignore us or arrest us, but what we don't want it the future, we are getting rid of now, and that includes Secret Police, lottery tickets, air miles, Canadian Tire Money, Elections, 30,000 Garbage Dumps and phoney authorities.

Canadian Spies Given Shovels.

     The Garden Party now offers a shiny hoe and shovel to all five eyed Canadian Spies. That's right, Canada's New Self government has cut funding and pea shooters to all of Canada's Secret Police Agencies. 
     Our Minister for More Unemployment is back at work cutting out useless jobs. This will enable even more people to Garden. The Garden Party is making progress as it has successfully slowed down world commerce by nearly 15% in the past year, and is forecasting further decreases for 2015. Lots of lay offs coming to fossil fuel and mining industries, fast toxic food chains will be hit hard, Ikea and other big box junk stores should start collapsing right after our World Buy Nothing For Xmas Campaign. This year we are adding Halloween to our Buy Nothing List to counter another corporate campaign to sell junk to add to land fills. Just be real. That should scare even Canada's Secret Police.
     World Buy Nothing for Halloween Year,

Friday, October 24, 2014

Keeping People Safe, Canada.

     We didn't know that the Government of Canada could deny Canadians a passport. They have the ability to lock up anyone inside Canadian Borders by denying passports. A freedom lost in a "free and Democratic Country"? Another freedom going out the door is giving ability to our esteemed secret police, to lock up anyone who opposes, or is deemed a threat to our malfunctioning government, that is owned and run by a few people. To keep us from hurting ourselves they can put us in jail, nice.
     The New Self Proclaimed Government of Canada, The Garden Party is not satisfied with Harper's Government half way measures.  As of today, The Garden will no longer issue any passports to anyone. That will end all forgeries. Besides, too many trees are being cut down for passports. No more do we need permission to pass port.  We also are erasing borders around Canada and setting all the people free to come and go as they please. By removing our borders we can expand our territory by taking over United States and Russia at the same time without firing a shot. Of course all border guards, passport makers and forgers, secret police and loggers that lose their jobs will be issued shiny new shovels. They can just keep on working, only this job has real value, and can be a joy to do. 

Gardeners turn Preachers

    The Garden Party is evolving, we are coming from the ground up and changing the form of government in Canada. We are ready to go preaching, what it is we can teach and continue to evolve as a functioning society,  properly taking care of our home, Earth, call it what you want. We are temporary occupants. Ownership of land is a concept dreamt up. The first land grab in Canada, was theft. We need good Stewardship all across this country yesterday. But here we are today. And we want to go preaching, and start immediate action, on a plan with a goal. Instant satisfaction is nice, but results are even better.  Ready for a invitation,  no fee required, not after your wallet, we are willing to pay our way, but getting rid of pay and replacing it with real value at less to no cost to our environment.
     At any rate, need a preacher? We will even go to church. Need some entertainment at the officers club? Wouldn't miss it . But if you have a large piece of land, well we could preach, teach, learn and produce food to feed ourselves and others. New Gardeners would learn how to be good stewards or take their portable wealth, skills and attributes that can be applied where ever they go. So those who have access to land, from a back yard to large acreage, the preachers with shovels are ready.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We will remain vigilant.

    "Together we will remain vigilant against those who harm us" quote Harper, elected PM of Canada. 1000 First Nations Girls and Women killed and missing, are they included in the "us" that The PM is talking about?  We know all our military are included in Harper's "us", yet it seems every week those wounded physically and mentally are committing suicide after overseas military service. How many mentally disturbed people have been dumped on the streets or sitting in prisons, or hanging themselves in immigration lock ups. How many people suffer physical abuse from our contracted police force, the RCMP? Who are the "us"? 
     Don't consider this as condoning the actions taken by the killers of the soldiers. Every life taken is a tragedy. There were four tragedies that should have not happened, in our books there are no 'good guys' or 'bad guys'. They could easily be reversed, by consequences you are born into. If we want to end these terrible  tragedies , those who are able to, have to reach out a helping hand to those who are let's just say having a hard time.  It is difficult for a lot of new immigrants. Think about what it would be like for you, and if we don't want a police state, maybe we should honour all four tragedies, help each other and not go though this again.  Maybe, just maybe, all Canadians deserve to suffer a little guilt. 
    Have a nice day, I am going back to the Garden for mine. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stop Criminal Politians.

     BC Liquid Natural Gas for export is being pushed by a few people as Must Do, for jobs and the economy. Grow the economy which has no mathematical integrity and is a direct cause of environmental and social degradation. To achieve BC's coin operated politician's Goals of making a killing $$$, we need Site C Dam. Their plan, already in the process, is making people pay for the Dam, by charging more for electricity, when the price should be decreasing.  The present Dams and main infrastructure are paid for, mostly by the working people.  Industries  Energy is still being subsidized.  Up keep is the main cost now.  Why has the cost of our electricity gone up? All to pay for Site C Dam?  We Know All the electricity from Site C, will be used by the LNG industry, who will be given a long term rate much below the rate for those who paid for the Dam. To convert natural gas to liquid requires lots of energy. We people do not need another Dam in BC, nor do we want to send all our raw resources over seas to fuel a Capitalist Run World, including our elected governments. Leave those resources where they are, stop Site C Dam, and lower our electric bill.  
     Just a note on the bright side, Thanks to World Buy Nothing Days on the 21st of every Month. Prices are dropping, markets crashing, we need now to crash the New Car Market. Rearrange your life. Stop driving, start by driving a little less as a constant. Oct 21st World No Driving Day. Give the world a break. Enjoy the Holiday. 

Quinoa, BC Feeds BC in 7 Years.

     Given another 30 fruit and nut trees in Saanich on Vancouver Island that have been left to go wild for ten years.  Several large old grape vines, kiwi and fig, walnut and filbert, apples, pears and cherries. Some apples still on the trees to pick next week, will start the pruning work in Dec. 
     While the Federal and Provincial Elected Governments are withdrawing funding and closing down Agricultural Research In BC, Canada, The Unelected Government, The Garden Party is increasing its Development and Research without collecting Taxes. We will be meeting Thursday in Vancouver with a representative of the Peoples Diplomatic  Core from Brazil to develop a Quinoa Crop in BC. We already have seed that is growing in the BC interior, has large seeds, and is expanding its range without help, at about 2k a year.  Our Quinoa plants in Saanich are just starting to produce seed, but the transplants from interior were harvested several weeks ago. We may have found a variety that can be grown in Northern BC. More intensive agricultural research and development is being planned for next year.
    Small seed, type, just now forming seed.

    Wild Quinoa? Large Seeds, harvesting done.

BC Municiple Elections Fixed?

    If a Candidate is reported as a clown who is not serious, by media, or not given equal consideration to be heard, could that be considered a bit of a fix? When developers stick cash in pockets of a favoured horse, would that be a bit of a fix? I rub your back you rub my back? Every Public Meeting structured to block any effective discussion, keeping out 'The Clowns'. Part of The Fix of the Chamber of Commerce Clowns, who no doubt have a lot to do with the making of our headaches.
     Now, once in a long while there is a upset, or a good choice gets made in a local election. Only to find out that the process of our structured governments, under the rule of law that pays no heed to the intent of the law, even a honest person can get little done or undone. It's like a cancer that will not stop growing even if it means killing itself.
     Rather than nailing new shoes on a dead horse to pull the old wagon, we are moving on with a new horse and a lighter wagon. Our present methods of living are unsustainable, our governments are servicing organized crime, money makes the rules, and $30,000 will win you a seat in most municipal elections in BC. 
    The Garden Party is pioneering a new participatory government, where elections are history. We are simply the future, turning over the ground, and evolving. We have taken over control of our lives, have our own government, and grow our own Potatoes. We are inclusive and expect to cross the finish line first, unaffected by the manufactured consent of uninformed voters and fixed elections.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hong Kong Protests.

     The place is a political mess, The Garden Party suggests a good weeding is necessary to see the jewels. If it is democracy you want, define carefully the meaning of the word, before you construct a new Government. All existing models of democratic governments, with a Capitalist System, fail to produce good fruit.
     Start your grass roots inclusive government today. Tell everyone you are now the government of your world. The Garden Party is inclusive, we let everyone shovel manure. You can start your 
own Garden Party, and dig in, keep your vote, the new form of government in Canada that is developing now, it is up to us what we want or want to leave to History. We are developing the grassroots government, without need for the Capitalist System, in fact we no longer have use for any money. More people are decreasing their use of money, in all it's forms. Don't get caught holding a big bag of money, it soon will not buy you a small bag of peas. Nor will you need to, we have extra seed. We even have extra shovels. Government From the Ground up.

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      winter oyster

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Invest in Canada?

     Be forewarned, any trade deals, resource purchases, government gaurantees are not considered valid by The Garden Party of Canada. Permission was never given by the informed public, as a matter of fact, the public often finds out years after the fact. All these deals have a cloud over them and The Garden Party is calling for clear skies. As of Oct 21st, World Buy Nothing Day, All Deals will be considered Null and Void.
     We expect retaliation overseas, Canadian Mining Companies will likely get a much deserved boot out of a lot of IMF Created Third World Countries. That would make our Minister For More Unemployment Happy.  Why are we wasting resources, polluting rivers to dig for gold, to process, crush millions of tons of rock, extract, smelt, and stick it in vaults back in the ground. And guard the shiny yellow metal forever.  Totally Nuts, sell your gold, crash another illusion! Makes more sense to grow a Garden, it is rare that you have to guard a shovel.
     Foreign Investors Everywhere, take your investments and go home, buy a shovel, the world is changing, Garden Parties are Growing Around The World. It is all over the Telepathic News. Not surprised you have not heard about it, even our 24,795 spies need a shovel to tune in to Telepathic News. Try It.