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Saturday, September 27, 2014

World Movement Call

     The Garden Party is calling for Individual action around the world, to stop buying and selling, apply common sense, and work our way to compost all money. It is a obstacle to making the changes that are necessary for sustainable life and in many cases a direct cause of our Social and Environmental Mess.  
     Face The Music, The North American Life Style, is Not Sustainable. As a matter of fact most people are already sick of their life style, to much to maintain, no time to enjoy, working a life time for a house when a shack could make a home, but, stupid laws, regulations, and land claims force everybody to buckle up the to the chain gang for 10 hours a day. It is not surprising that anti-depressants are big business. Wars, disasters, waste are good for the fiscal economy.  After detail Garden Party Government Study on necessary and useless work, it was discovered that 89% of necessary work was cleaning up the mess made by the unnecessary work. 85 % of jobs are useless, all jobs under present administration create spin off jobs, like building toll bridges for the buckled up chain gangs to pay for ten times over, driving to service mass insanity.  Quit useless wasteful make work jobs, there is a way, and the Garden Party is on the way out. 
   little garlic patch, just planted.
   Fresh Peas

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